Running for your life

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I wanted to share this article I came accross on the Running Times website:

Please read the whole article, because in my opinion the most inspiring part is toward the end when this woman talks about why she has risked her life training to run in the Olympics for Afghanistan.  I don’t claim to be the most travelled individual, but I have been fortunate to travel to several different parts of the world.  And I must say, that very early on I discovered how blessed I was, especially as a woman, to have been born in a country like America.  I can’t imagine living under the oppression that many people do throughout the world, and in this case women in countries like Afghanistan.

This woman is incredibly courageous.  And it really brought me down to earth about how truly blessed I am to have the opportunities I have and have had throughout my life so far.  At times I can start to feel sorry for myself because my facilities aren’t perfect (ie. most of the swimming pools in Kiev close for the entire month of August); however, any adversity I have to face pales in comparison to the life threatening, daily attempts to keep this woman from simply running around a track.  Truly courageous.  And the most inspiring thing about the story is that she doesn’t do it because she has a chance to win a medal or get endorsement deals and her face on the cover of a magazine – she does it to show the other women in her country that there is HOPE that they too may be able to follow their dreams and their hearts and be treated with the respect that every human being deserves.

In closing, I think we can get caught up in following our favorites or the superstar athletes; but let’s not forget what many of these athletes have overcome just to participate and finish last.  And let us not forget those potential athletes who never even have the opportunity to try.

God Bless America!  And let no American take for granted their freedom and opportunity.

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